2017 has been good to us at HOT Bones. We just got word that we had two more papers published. 

One of them, entitled “Burned bones tell their own stories: a review of methodological approaches to assess heat-induced diagenesis” was published at Applied Spectroscopy Reviews. Is is co-authored by Adriana Mamede, David Gonçalves, Maria Paula Marques, and Luís Batista de Carvalho. If you want a quick overview of what’s being done on Chemical Anthropology regarding burned bones, this paper is a good start!

The second paper was published at Cadernos do GEEvH and is entitled “Por meias medidas: a espessura dos tecidos duros em dentes humanos expostos a altas temperaturas e o seu valor para a estimativa da idade”. It is co-authored by Inês Oliveira-Santos, Márcia Gouveia, Eugénia Cunha, and David Gonçalves. It investigates the association of dentine-cementum proportions with age at death.

Not a bad way to say goodbye to 2017!

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