HOT paper just out of the oven!

We’re happy to announce the publication of our latest paper entitled Crystal clear: vibrational spectroscopy reveals intra-bone, intra-skeleton and inter-skeleton variation in human bones! This paper was co-authored by David Gonçalves, Ana Rita Vassalo, Adriana Mamede, Calil Makhoul, Giampaolo Piga, Eugénia Cunha, Maria Paula Marques, and Luís Batista de Carvalho.

The objective was to assess how local-specific several chemometric indices, often analyzed through FTIR-ATR, really are in human bone. We analyzed more than a 1,000 samples from human bones. To our knowledge, this was the largest ever sample used in this kind of studies. Hope you like it!

(The image is credited to Adriana Mamede)

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