My collaborators have several different backgrounds that span from Bioarchaeology, Archaeology, Taphonomy, Forensic Anthropology, Biology and Chemistry. This multidisciplinary approach is critical to enhance our investigation in burned bones.

David Gonçalves, PhD
Project Coordinator
I am a biological anthropologist with a main expertise in human osteology. As a post-doc researcher, I’m currently coordinating the HOT Project which has as a main objective the facilitation Read More
Tim J. U. Thompson, PhD
University of Teesside
Eugénia Cunha, PhD
LFA coordinator (CEF)/UC
Maria Teresa Ferreira, PhD
CEF/University of Coimbra
Luís Batista de Carvalho, PhD
Coordinator of the Unidade de Investigação e Desenvolvimento “Química-Física Molecular”
Pedro Barros
Samuel Melro
Vanessa Campanacho, PhD
University of Sheffield
Giampaolo Piga, PhD
Universitá degli Studi di Sassari
Mª. Paula Matos Marques, PhD
Q-FM/University of Coimbra
Marwan El Khoury
University of Leicester
Marwan El Khoury is a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher within the University of Leicester’s INTREPID Forensics programme. His current research focuses on producing innovative methods of recovering DNA material from Read More
Ana Amarante, MSc
CEF/University of Coimbra
Calil Makhoul, PhD student
CEF/University of Coimbra
Ana Rita Vassalo, MSc
University of Coimbra
João d’Oliveira Coelho, MSc
CEF/University of Coimbra
Ana Elisabete Pires, PhD
Laboratório de Arqueociências/DGPC/InBIO
Adriana Mamede, MSc Student
Q-FM/University of Coimbra
Daniela Vilas Boas, MSc
CIAS/University of Coimbra
David Navega, PhD Student
CEF/University of Coimbra