II Bioanthropological Meeting

The HOT project participated in the II Bioanthropological meeting at the University of Coimbra (29th and 30th of May). Four poster presentations were presented:

The potential of cementochronology for age-at-death estimation in burned teeth
Santos I, Gouveia M, Cunha E, Gonçalves D

Evaluation of the potential of odontometry for sex estimation in burned human skeletal remains
Gouveia M, Santos I, Santos AL, Gonçalves D

The protocol for the preparation of burned identified skeletons of the CEI/XXI collection
Makhoul C, d’Oliveira Coelho J, Gouveia M, Santos I, Vassalo A, Ferreira MT, Cunha E, Gonçalves D

Warping in burned human skeletal remains: assessing the influence of bone collagen through vibrational spectroscopy
Coelho J, Cunha E, Gonçalves D

International Symposium on Anthropology and Natural Disasters

The HOT project attended the International Symposium on Anthropology and Natural Disasters that was held at the University of Coimbra on the 17th and 18th of April. We participated with the following presentations in this multidisciplinary meeting:

The Hot Topic of Burned Human Skeletal Remains: Coimbra’s contribution to Forensic Anthropology (both podium and poster presentations)
Gonçalves D, Coelho J, Gouveia M, Makhoul C, Santos I, Vassalo A, Santos AL, Batista de Carvalho L, Cunha E

Pioneering the Collection of Identified Burned Skeletons (poster presentation)
Gonçalves D, Ferreira MT, Cunha E