Latest meetings

You can download here our latest posters!

85th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropology (13-16th April of 2016, Atlanta, USA)
Sex diagnosis of the human dentition after heat exposure: the potential of cementum-enamel junction and root dimensions
Gouveia M, Santos IO, Santos AL, Gonçalves D
50th Dental Anthropology Scientific Symposium (9-11th June of 2016, Zagreb, Croatia)
A peek into burnt teeth: analyses of dental tissues for age at death estimation
Santos IO, Gouveia M, Cunha E, Gonçalves D (2016)


II Conference of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences

Research under the HOT project was presented in II INMLCF that took place on the 29th and 30th of October. The following communications were presented:

Cimentocronologia: Estimativa de idade à morte em dentes queimados
Santos I, Gouveia M, Cunha E, Gonçalves D

Diagnose sexual em dentes humanos queimados: uma abordagem experimental sobre as mudanças induzidas pelo calor nas dimensões dentárias
Gouveia M, Santos I, Santos AL, Gonçalves D

Discriminação de indivíduos em vestígios humanos queimados e dispersos usando espectroscopia vibracional
Makhoul C, Amarante A, Batista de Carvalho L, Cunha E, Gonçalves D

New MSc Thesis on Burned Teeth

Márcia Gouveia brilliantly defended her thesis focusing on the potential of odontometric features for sex estimation based on burned remains. This research was carried out under the Masters on Human Evolution and Biology at the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Coimbra. It is also part of the investigation developed within the HOT project.

The thesis was presented in Portuguese and can be downloaded here. Expectantly, a paper written in English will be soon submitted. We’ll keep you updated on this!

II Bioanthropological Meeting

The HOT project participated in the II Bioanthropological meeting at the University of Coimbra (29th and 30th of May). Four poster presentations were presented:

The potential of cementochronology for age-at-death estimation in burned teeth
Santos I, Gouveia M, Cunha E, Gonçalves D

Evaluation of the potential of odontometry for sex estimation in burned human skeletal remains
Gouveia M, Santos I, Santos AL, Gonçalves D

The protocol for the preparation of burned identified skeletons of the CEI/XXI collection
Makhoul C, d’Oliveira Coelho J, Gouveia M, Santos I, Vassalo A, Ferreira MT, Cunha E, Gonçalves D

Warping in burned human skeletal remains: assessing the influence of bone collagen through vibrational spectroscopy
Coelho J, Cunha E, Gonçalves D